Value Chains – Good for Business, Good for IT


  • Value Chains – Good for Business, Good for IT
  • Webinar
  • 14.May 2020
  • 09:30 – 10:15

Better, Faster, Cheaper. Business agility is dependent on transforming and aligning IT.

IT4IT standard have all the capabilities for alignment of processes, tools, data and reciprocal integration that will support the IT function and the collaboration with such IT stakeholders as the business, the system integrators and the external IT service providers. Efficiency and Agility

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Join this webinar featuring Lars Kristian Larsen as he will share how you can map the IT Service Management activities and dataflow to identify improvement options and ultimately increase speed and reduce misuse of resources in order to simplify the workflow and get the best traceability.

IT4IT are designed to disentangle difficulties many enterprises have with slow manual activities and workflows. IT4IT helps with service fulfillment challenges by prescribing an architectural blueprint across the value chain. IT4IT is a standard managed by the open grpoup.

In this webinar you’ll learn about these value streams:

  • Strategy to Portfolio, or S2P. Define your strategy to balance and broker your portfolio.
  • Requirement to Deploy, or R2D. Prioritize every requirement to build the best services and deploy them.
  • Request to Fulfill, or R2F. Handle each request by streamlining the process to fulfill it, and…
  • Detect to Correct, or D2C. Seek to detect issues and to correct them before they impact the user.

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