ServiceNow Advanced System Administrator

For you who are a ServiceNow administrator or consultant


  • ServiceNow Advance System Administrator
  • Vandtårnsvej 62A, 2860 Søborg
  • 09-10 juni
  • 09:00 – 17:00


In this intensive, two-day course, you will delve into ‘best practice’ around the core of the ServiceNow applications.

In a perfect interaction between theory and laboratory work, you will learn how to implement workflows and system improvements in a ServiceNow system that has been in production for 6 to 12 months.


The course will be a consultant from BusinessNow, but the course will be based on the teaching structure used by ServiceNow itself.

  • Understand the purpose and movement of Update Sets.
  • Define references that direct the right data to the right users at the right time.
  • You will understand how data access is managed within ServiceNow Contextual Security.
  • Implement new workflows that, through a variety of activities, clarify how records are generated from workflows.
  • Coordinate service catalog items, including user criteria, shopping cart, and variables
  • Create a Record Producer.
  • Define and apply a database view as a report source, consider Best Practices and test security controls applicable to reporting.
  • Implement a Web Services SOAP integration and learn about the possible data paths in ServiceNow.
  • Set system controls that direct the right data to the right users in the right way point in time.

The course can also be completed as an internal business course in Danish or English.

Prerequisites for participation

For you who are a ServiceNow administrator or consultant with 6 to 12 months experience in ServiceNow – and is a certified System Administrator.

And we recommend that you take the CodeAcademy JavaScript course and the Scripting course ServiceNow

Target group:

System administrators or system consultants


Instructor is native Danish, but in some classes the teaching may be in English if needed.

No exam.

The price for ServiceNow Advanced System Administrator


  • 9.995 DKK


  • Training materials, light breakfast and lunch

Training materials: E-book (pdf) and hand-outs from instructor on the course

Join the SystemNow Advance System Administrator course

Send an email to for enrollment to course. Also if you are a business and want an offer on a business course