ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy

This is what you need to become the strategic leader of your dreams.


  • ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy
  • ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy
  • Online
  • Online
  • 3 non-consecutive days:
    April 7, 9 and 12
  • 3 non-consecutive days:
    February 3, 5 and 8
  • 9am – 3pm
    (Including 2 hours group exercise)
  • 9am – 3pm
    (Including 2 hours group exercise)


​Digital technology and information technology have changed the world around us. Every aspect of life has been impacted in some way by technology and with a rapid pace replacing and challenging yesterday´s way of doing things. Not least our businesses, private companies and the public sector will be affected and affects society with technology and digitalization.​

Organizations must adopt and adapt in an agile way quickly and repeatedly by adjusting their strategies, business models and operating models to embrace the digitalized and technology-heavy world, that we all are part of.


ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy course is one part (out of two) of the Strategic Leader certification.

It contains a fair number of models, approaches, and relevant practices employed by business professionals. Furthermore, there will be best practice recommendations for making use of disruptive technology in a landscape that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA).​

  • The course and optional certification will help you to gain knowledge of and discuss:​
    digital organizations, strategy, purpose, vision, digital transformation, business models, and operating models​
  • getting a broad range of knowledge about digital key concepts including digitization vs. digitalization, parallel operating models, customer journey mapping, and the use of OKR´s and the Cynefin framework​, and
  • gain relevant practice via four assignments, a case study, and a follow-up multiple-choice exam

Prerequisites for participation

An ITIL® 4 Foundation Certificate

Target group

​Useful for business analysts, steering committee members, enterprise architects, business managers involved in strategy and decision making, relationship managers and service management leaders.

Online classroom

ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy uses teaching material in English using the original ITIL® 4 terms.

The exam is only available in English and the course material will be in English as well.

Instructor is native Danish, but in some classes the teaching may be in English if needed.

The price for ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy


  • 14,000 DKK incl. exam (2,000 DKK)


  • 4 instructor-graded assignments
  • Training materials (E-book from instructor on the course)
  • 1 voucher for a multiple-choice exam at PeopleCert

Join the ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy course

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