ITIL4 Create, Deliver and Support

One of five courses required to obtain ITIL 4’s Managing Professional Certificate


  • ITIL4 Create, Deliver and Support
  • 02-04th of June
  • 3 days course. Stay tuned.
    We will keep you posted on LinkedIn
  • 09:00 – 17:00


The Create, Deliver and Support course provides participants with the tools needed to build, operate, and support IT services. It contains a number of Service Management practices, which are most closely related to operations and support. Examples include “Change enablement”, “Deployment management” and “Release management” as well as “Service validation and testing”.


The course gives you practical experience through exercises, to understand and create value streams, which support, maintain and operate your infrastructure using the learned practices that are reviewed during the course.

The course will also focus on service performance and service quality. During the course you will also learn about ways to continuously improve services.

Prerequisites for participation

Knowledge of ITIL® is an advantage, but not a prerequisite, as we focus on the detailed IT functions and information flows that must be seen as a supplement to ITIL that has its own justification.

Target group:

The IT4IT course is relevant for managers, IT architects, IT professionals and ITSM architects who want a basic understanding of how IT4IT can ensure an overview, management and anchoring of the framework that governs effective and valuable IT solutions.


ITIL4 Create, Deliver and Support uses teaching material in English using the original ITIL4 terms.

The exam is available in Danish and English.

Due to the new structure and the amount of new ITIL4 material, there is a new ITIL®4 certification test.

Students who choose to take the ITIL4 certification exam will receive an exam voucher, which allows them to complete the Certification Test at a time of their choice.

Instructor is native Danish, but in some classes the teaching may be in English if needed.

The price for ITIL4 Create, Deliver and Support


  • 12,600 DKK incl. exam (at the end of the course)
  • 10.350 DKK excl. exam


  • Training materials, light breakfast and lunch

Training materials: E-book (pdf) and hand-outs from instructor on the course

Join the ITIL4 Create, Deliver and Support course

Send an email to for enrollment in the ITIL4 Create, Deliver and Support course. Also if you are a business and want an offer on a business course