We are Happy …!

Yes, at BusinessNow we’re happy to announce a new partnership with the Finnish company HappySignals.

Many of our customers are focusing on and investing in delivering excellent employee experiences with their IT-services. But they are struggling to document how well they are actually doing. Green SLAs doesn’t necessarily mean happy users and effective services. The solution is HappySignals.

With HappySignals you get two things – a clear picture of user happiness and measurement of lost productivity. The collection of data is done in a very simple and user-friendly way after each closed case. This ensures great feedback volumes and allows you to track user happiness in real time. When you go “behind the scenes” with the cloud-based analytics platform you get a detailed view of your performance and a global benchmark with other users of HappySignals. Another compelling reason for BusinessNow to become a Partner with HappySignals, is the seamless 2-way integration to ServiceNow. This allows you to bring data back to your system for reporting and agent engagement purposes.

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